How to Vend at the Bellingham Farmers Market

Apply to Vend

Applications for the 2020 season will be open by December, 15, 2019. Check back soon for application updates.

The 2020 season is coming!
Applications for our Saturday Downtown Market and our Wednesday Barkley Village Market will be open online starting Dec. 15, 2019.
Applications will be due by January 31, 2020. All craft and prepared food products must be juried prior to acceptance to the Market. The Product Review is scheduled for Saturday, February 7, 2020. More details are included with the application.
Before completing the application, please note the following:
  • Effective Jan 1, 2020: Product liability insurance with not less than $1,000,000 minimum coverage is required of all approved vendors. 
  • Only farm, craft, or prepared food items will be considered.
  • Our markets are mostly outdoor. You must be prepared for the elements and be flexible. We cannot accommodate special set-up requirements. In general, stalls are 10×10 and displays must be wind-proof and able to be dismantled and packed up in less than 1.5 hours.
  • If you are producing a food product, we highly recommend you contact the Whatcom County Health Department BEFORE completing an application with us. The Health Department can inform you of any special requirements, such as hand sinks, that will be required. There are also additional permitting costs associated with Health Department approval. ALL PREPARED FOOD PRODUCTS SOLD AT THE MARKET MUST HAVE EITHER  DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH OR WSDA APPROVAL TO BE ELIGIBLE TO SELL AT OUR MARKET.

Available Markets

Saturday Downtown Market: The Depot Market Square is the permanent home of the Saturday Farmers Market located at 1100 Railroad Avenue in downtown Bellingham. This Market runs 10am-3pm, every Saturday from April through December. Most stalls are 10ft x 10ft with limited availability of half stalls and double stalls (for farmers only).

There are permanent coverings for many vendors, however, new vendors and vendors with low seniority will likely be required to move and to utilize canopies and tie-downs. Canopies must comply with BFM standards; equivalent to Easy Up, 10ft x 10ft WHITE. No exceptions will be made.

Wednesday Barkley Village Market: The Wednesday market at Barkley Village will continue in its second year. This Market will likely run June through August each Wednesday (details TBA soon). The site space is primarily on grass. White 10ft x 10ft canopies will be required and there will be limited spaces for food trucks. For more information Click Here.


Annual Membership Fee(s) – Annual one -time payment:

Saturday – Due Upon Application Acceptance

Membership Fee (required):                                     $120
Electrical fees for SCALES/LIGHTS per season:      $5
*Electrical fess for APPLIANCES per season:         $25
*Please note electricity is extremely limited. New vendors may not be eligible for electrical access and should be prepared to use an alternative source of power.

Wednesday – Due Upon Application Acceptance

Membership Fee (required):                                     $40
Electrical fees for SCALES/LIGHTS per season:      $5
Electrical fess for APPLIANCES per season:            $25

Daily Stall Fees:

If you are accepted to the Market, below is the rate sheet for vending fees. These fees are payable at the end of each vending day. This is a base amount or a % category commission, whichever is greater.

Saturday Market Season:
Daily Stall Fee is $32 or a % category commission

Wednesday Market:
Daily Stall Fee is $25 or a % category commission

Category Commissions:
Farmers:    6.5%
Crafters:    6.5%
Prepared Food:    7.5%
Concessionaires:    7.5%
Eastern WA Farmer:    10.5%
Service Providers:    9.5%