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  • Summer Berries

Summer Fruits at the Market

If the sunshine and high temperatures haven't yet convinced you that summer is here, the appearance of cherries and berries should do the trick. Time to get your Summer fruits on. This Wednesday's market in [...]

  • bellingham beekeeper

Becoming Honey

Bellingham bee man, Rob Rienstra of Backyard Bees gives us a peek into the fascinating—and sometimes painful—world of beekeeping. Backyard Bees sells local honey, beeswax, and related products every week at the Bellingham Farmers Market. [...]

  • red peppers

Preserving Peppers

Submitted by: Margot Myers, BFM Board President and owner, Margotbianca Bellingham Farmers Market Can you believe that we still have sweet peppers late into October? If you've ever tried growing peppers in Whatcom County, you'll know [...]