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This year we thought it would be fun to share the story behind the 2018 Bellingham Farmers Market marketing campaign. If you’ve ever wondered how we come up with our poster each year read on!

First off the Bellingham Farmers Market is a member run organization. That means we listen to members ideas because they are the ears, and the eyes of the market. They know you the customer, the best. It is with this guidance that I am tasked with developing the look of our annual materials beginning with a poster. In past years we have relied upon available clip-art illustration, the type you might find in vintage seed catalogs.

During the winter when the poster process begins board member feedback inspired me to create 4 illustrations that address more deeply the relationship between the market and the community. I wanted to show the relationships that develop between vendor and customer as the year progresses. Following up our successful 25th season campaign which focused on location, this campaign tells a year long story about the market.

We decided to create a series of posters in a simple linoleum cut style to support the fundamental actions that take place at the market. The hands suggest harvesting, sharing, growing, working for a common cause. The series of 4 images depict the distinct seasons of the market. Seasonal weather has long been an element we have wanted to include in our materials as it is such a factor for many of our vendors. As residents of the PNW we all know how the gray winters can affect us, another reason to visit the Market in January!

The illustrations began their lives as photographs that were converted to high contrast drawn images that were then carved out of linoleum and printed block style.

Poster by DoubleMRanch Design
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We hope the series recalls the personal connections made between vendor and customer and the nourishment that connection yields.

These posters designed by DoubleMRanch Design in Everson are available for sale as posters and flyers in our Market Shop.

See you at the Market!

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