To Market, to Market.

What an amazing weather week for all of us from Skagit through Whatcom County. As I write this most of the vendors of the Bellingham Farmers Market will have weathered at least 4 storms, sustained sub-zero temperatures, and up to a foot of snow in just the past two weeks. Depending on where [...]

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Farmers Market Bounty 101

Refresh and extend the life of your fresh produce. Isn’t it sad? You bought that huge bunch of chard and you meant to enjoy it right away, and then life happened. Now it’s all wilty and not as appealing as it was the day you bought it at the Farmers Market. You [...]

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National Farmers Market Week, August 5-11

The Bellingham Farmers Market joins markets across the country in celebrating National Farmers Market Week from August 5-11. We celebrate farmers and farmers markets all year long, but this week provides a great opportunity to highlight the value that farmers markets bring to local communities. DID YOU KNOW... only 15 cents of every [...]

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What’s so special about Asparagus?

Did you know that it takes 3 years for a newly planted crop of asparagus to be ready to harvest? Once a crop is ready for harvesting, the season is short – only a few weeks. That’s what makes local asparagus such a treat. Farm fresh asparagus has a tenderness and sweetness that [...]

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Don’t Let The Sting Stop you.

Believe it or not, we have the cold and damp of winter to thank for many of the items we cherish in the spring. Among them are stinging nettles. Stinging nettles are herbaceous plants that are nutrient rich and known for being highly anti-inflammatory. Understandably, many are put off by the “stinging” aspect [...]

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Spring offerings grown in Winter

With our season grand opening upon us, we are naturally excited to see what our farmers are bringing to market. While there are fairly reliable over-wintering crops, it’s still a wait-and-see game with spring crops – even a few days of variable weather can change crop readiness by weeks. As the temperatures warm, [...]

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Happy Holidays from the Market!

We so appreciate the community that has helped create our vibrant and local marketplace!  Thank you for a great season, and especially for supporting our vendors through good and bad weather. The good news is that we aren't gone for long! Our Winter Market will be back the third Saturday of January, February and [...]

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Our Second Raffle Winner

Congratulations Andrea Sundberg! Prize includes a gorgeous wreath from Growing Washington, earrings from Weasel Glass, dyed wool yarn from Maiden Avalon, holiday potpourri from Birchwood Botanicals, art print from Fat Dragonfly, and a market apron. There are two more Saturdays to enter and win!

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Still Going Strong

Shop the Market! OPEN THRU DEC 17 Enter to WIN our Local for the Holidays Raffle. Weekly prizes with a grand prize! Awarded December 16th The more you shop the market, the more chances you have to Win!   Hand-made craft items, Gift Certificates, farm baskets, market bucks and more!   Stop by [...]

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What’s Fresh in October

Fall is a favorite time for us at the Market. The sunny, yet cooler days beg for flexibility in our apparel and on our plates. Our farmers deliver with a broad spectrum of products from apples to zucchini.  Fill your basket with items that can just as easily hit the grill or add to the [...]

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