Bellingham Farmer's Market

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How To Vend

Applications are now being accepted for the 2015 season for both the Wednesday (June-Sept) and Saturday (April-December) Markets.


Applications are due by January 30, 2015.  Qualifications and general instructions are listed below.

How To Vend

How to Become a Market Vendor

Read the information below, following each step, and you'll be on your way to joining a great organization committed to supporting market vendors.

  1. Decide which vendor category you are in. Farmers can sell crafts or processed food but need to participate in the appropriate Product Review Panel. Possible categories are Farmer, Crafter, Processor/Concessionaire or Service Provider (please note there are very limited Service Provider slots available). ALL PRODUCTS MUST BE GROWN OR PRODUCED IN WHATCOM OR SKAGIT COUNTIES!
  2. Read the BFM Handbook, Bylaws and Code of Conduct. Read and download the appropriate Membership Application. All applications are due to the Bellingham Farmers Market by January 31. Applications, however, will continue to be accepted throughout the season with the possibility of acceptance but will be subject to a $50 non-refundable Processing Fee.
  3. Crafters and food vendors must complete the appropriate Product Review form and participate in the Prodcut Review Panel. See forms for date and more information.
  4. Send completed Membership Application, Product Review Form (if applicable), appropriate permits or licenses, and payment to: BFM, P.O. Box 1131, Bellingham, WA 98227
  5. First round of notification of membership approvals/denials will be the first week of March.

How To Vend

    2014 Membership Fees

    Saturday Market:
    Membership Fee:             $70
    Set-up/Clean-up Fee:       $50
    Electrical Fees:                  $5/$25 (please note there is limited power)

    Wednesday Market:
    Membership Fee:               $40 (full membership)
    Electrical Fees:                    $5/$25 (please note there is limited power)

    2014 Daily Stall Fees

    Each of the Markets charges a Daily Stall Fee.This is a base amount or a % category commission whichever is greater as defined in the BFM Handbook:

    Saturday Market: Daily Stall Fee is $30 or a % category commission

    Wednesday Market: Daily Stall Fee is $25 or a % category commission

    2014 Category Commissions:

    Farmers: 6.5%
    Crafters: 6.5%
    Contract Vendors: Eastern WA Produce: 10.5%
    Prepared Food/Concessionaires: 7.5%
    Service Providers: 9.5%