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What is a Busker?

Buskers are street performers who may be (but not limited to being) actors, singers, musicians, jugglers, mimes, human statues, magicians, or puppeteers.  A busking group cannot consist of more than (4) people without written permission from BFM staff.  Performers engaging in any activity with more than (4) people or requiring more space than allotted at our Buskers locations including but not limited to, acrobatics, tumblers, or cyclists must contact Market staff, via letter or email, to seek special permission and/or identify alternative locations for their performances.



UPDATED! Procedures for Busking

1.   Sign “Busking Rules and Regulations” at the Information Booth.  Provide payment of $10 for a seasonal permit in cash, check or money order (made payable to Bellingham Farmers Market).  This fee is for a BFM busking badge. You are responsible for keeping the badge and bringing it with you each time you perform.  Replacement badges cost $3 each.

 2.   On Saturday, prior to setting up, sign up for busking time slots and locations at the Information Booth.  You may sign up for busking slots up to three weeks out.

 3.   Respect fellow buskers by moving from each busking location at the end of your designated time slot.

Where Can Buskers Set Up?

Various locations have been designated as places where Buskers can perform.  These locations are available during varying times during Market hours. Buskers must sign up at the Information Booth for busking sites and times. Buskers are limited to no more than a one-hour at each location.

When Can Buskers Perform?

Buskers can perform between 10AM and 3PM on Saturdays. Busking locations will be posted each Saturday at the Information booth. Each spot is on a first-come, first-seve basis. You mush rotate to a new spot after 30 minutes regardless of wether or not another perfomer is waiting for your spot.

Please note that due to space contraints, there is no busking at the Wednesday Market.  If you are interested in entertaining at the Wednesday Market, please contact us at to sign up for a time slot to perform.